How to Choose the Best Hair Transplant Clinic

Hair transplants have become quite popular for people who are looking to restore their lost natural hair. However, in order for you to see impeccable results, you will need to choose a highly experienced and qualified hair transplant clinic. There are so many clinics today but you will be surprised that only a handful of these have the capacity to deliver effective and safe hair transplant. Choosing the right clinic is very important and here are some tips to help you with this:

Choose a Clinic That Has Been Doing This for Some Years 

Experience is one of the most important attributes that can define a quality hair restoration physician. Before going to any clinic, take a look at the number of years it has been offering hair transplant services like scalp micropigmentation. Although most experienced and established clinics are often a little expensive, in most cases they guarantee quality procedures and results. Ideally, a clinic that has been doing hair transplants for at least five years would be perfect.

Review Previous Patients’ Results 

Secondly, you will need to review results of previous patients and see if you like the outcomes. This is actually one of the factors that you must really consider since it tells you how good a hair transplant clinic is. Make sure you look at patient pictures before and after surgery and assess how effective the results are. This will help you pick the best clinic.

Arrange a Small Interview 

Finally, before making any commitment to any clinics, arrange a small interview with the main physician. You can use this opportunity to ask any questions and seek more information about hair transplants. Additionally, try and interact with staff at the clinic and decide if you could possibly enjoy working with them should you decide to choose the clinic for your hair restoration procedure. It is important to choose a clinic you are comfortable with.

Watch this Hair Transplant Documentary

If you are thinking about travelling to a hair transplant clinic, then check out one man’s journey to Instanbul, Turkey for FUE hair transplant surgery.

Choosing the right hair transplant clinic is not always easy but then again, it is the simple things that matter. Make sure you keep the tips above in mind.

How Much Does Scalp Micropigmentation Cost?

Black, brown, blonde, curly- these are common ways of describing a person’s hair texture. Hair, is an integral element to define a person’s facial features and if he suffers from baldness or hair fall, it becomes even bigger noticeable feature. With friends, family and closed one’s giving them a ‘sorry for you’ look every now and then, these men or women who suffer hair loss are into deep anxiety disorders. To help them grow their self confidence back, there are techniques like scalp micro pigmentation which helps one to grow their hair back from its roots. This has been proven dermatological safe and laser can be used to re-structure the hairline which is again harmless.

“So how much does scalp micro pigmentation cost? ”- is the common question that anyone is bound to ask when they are enlightened about these services. Hair care experts who perform scalp micro pigmentation in their salon, grade progressive baldness in men or women using Hamilton-Norwood scale from 1 to 6. This medical procedure of planting hair follicles in the second layer of skin depends on the extent of pigmentation that one requires. Generally micro pigmentation technique requires 3 to 4 sittings where in the follicles are planted and growth is monitored. If one requires a thick hairline re growth then he needs to implant more follicles and get denser hair. Normal treatment costs from $500 to$3000 based on the factors like skin color, thickness, scalp condition, preferred density etc. Some saloons can come up with discounted treatment rates for the treatment based on customer privilege

The scalp micro pigmentation treatment can span over 12 months with 3 to 4 sittings. The initial cost includes all the sittings and a couple of free maintenance sessions. Post this, every maintenance session can cost around $200 and if there are any repair work like re arranging the hair line for style etc then they may cost additionally. These rates are also fixed based on the Norwood scale of baldness. Along with age, if the customer wishes to change their style and color of hair follicles that are implanted, then these treatments cost additionally. Also the costs vary with the demand and supply model and popularity of the saloon in the vicinity.

In general, re growing hair from the scalp by using modern hair tattooing technique gives people a new lease of life which makes them look vibrant, energetic and young as before. With the benefits listed, cost seems to be appropriate and worthy spending.


What is Scalp Micropigmentation?


Scalp micropigmentation also known as SMP, is essentially a process that provides a different styling alternative for women and men who are not candidates or who do not search for hair transplant surgery. Nowadays, the above trend is gaining popularity, more so in bald men. This procedure is fast and covers the entire bald areas on your head. There are many SMP clinics located around the world. For a complete list, search for the top scalp micropigmentation clinics worldwide.

How scalp pigmentation helps with hair restoration. 

The process involves tiny dots which are deep-rooted on the scalp. This creates an illusion of a scalp with numerous hair follicles. The pigment dots enhance the darkness and density until the right combination is achieved. Generally, scalp micropigmentation treatments are usually completed within 6-10 hours divided over 3-4 different sessions. The real time needed can differ considerably depending on the degree of your balding, the style you need, and other factors like the rate of pigment fade. Additionally, the equipment used varies a lot, but in the end involves the use of a needle and a specialist pigment ‟gun″.

Reasons for SMP

Having a bald head had a negative impact in the emotional and psychological level of an individual. Individuals with a bald head always had low self confidence and self-esteem. This made them not to socialize hence stayed aloof.

Baldness is also a cause for many to become depressed and turn to counseling. Another reason for the above procedure is to camouflage or hide scars as a result of hair transplantation and other forms of hair treatment.

Fortunately, SMP has brought a solution to the above problems.

  • It heals fast: This procedure provides you with a rapid healing process that occurs within 2-4 days. Nearly all candidates can return to their normal lives within 2 days.
  • It is cost effective: Compared to hair transplantation, SMP costs about 1/3 less contrary to a surgical transplant. Additionally, it does not require medications.
  • It has no risk: SMP has no threat of incision, infection and no pain due to local anesthesia. There is also no need to wait for grafts to grow in and mature.
  • Do not falter to look for a professional, reputable and reliable clinic.

How to Get Started

Your first step is to schedule a hair transplant consultation with a good hair transplant consultant. They will help you interview doctors and find the Scalp Micropigmentation doctor for your needs.

Here’s a testimonial from a real life Scalp Micropigmentation success story:

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